Dear family,

My name is Linda Leclair, I’m a wedding & event planner from Holland and on behalf of the board of the MSS research foundation I am very happy to announce the new edition of the MSS Family event on 6-7-8-9 October 2017. Just like in 2015 the location of the event will be the Kindervallei in Valkenburg (The Netherlands), because this is a very suitable place to stay and have this event. The board of the MSS Research Foundation asked me to organize this event, therefor I want to invite you and your family to visit the MSS Family event!

We hope we can help as much families as possible to come to the Netherlands to visit the Family Event. 

Activities during the event, apartments/ family rooms during the event and all meals will be taken care of by the foundation.

We are happy to help cover (a part of) the traveling costs for families that did not visit the event before, let me know if you are interested, so I can check the possibilities for you!

For families who already visited the event before, if you have trouble paying the traveling expenses, let me know, so we can check out if we can be of assistance.

For people who will be traveling by airplane: Eindhoven airport (NL), Weeze or Dusseldorf (Germany) are closer to the location than Schiphol Amsterdam. We will try to get a sponsor for the taxi costs from the airport to the location.

If you are interested in joining this Family Event, let me know, the official application starts today!

As soon as we know if you are interested in joining the event, we can send you a form to fill in. This way we can prepare as much as possible for you and your child.

Depending on the number of families who want to join this year you and your family will either stay at an appartement at the Kindervallei, or a family room in a nearby hotel.  

Check in is possible on Friday 06 October and check out will be possible on Sunday 08 October or Monday 09 October.

Want to see what “Kindervallei” is all about?:

 There will be a parallel meeting on Saturday with all the professionals who do research on MSS. Prof. Raj Thakker (GB), Prof. Raoul Hennekam (NL) and Prof. Martin Zenker (DE) will attend this meeting, so you can learn more about the ongoing research.

If you have any question about the location, or about anything else, just let me know.

On behalf of all board members of the MSS Research Foundation,

Warm regards,

Linda Leclair

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